Investing Unravelled

INVESTING UNRAVELLED is a three-hour class designed to assist individuals with managing their own personal investments. The focus is on explaining how the process works and what the options are, rather than advising on specific investments.

The class will be delivered by Matthew Craston, either face-to-face or remotely, to individuals or family groups, and remote sessions can easily be split into two halves. Matthew has found that classes are also of interest to companies who want to assist their employees in what is a complex area of their personal life.

At the end of the session, students will have a clearer understanding of the different investment advisers and platforms, the key asset classes and how they perform, the different fund vehicles, tax efficient structures, where fees are charged, how to evaluate performance and investment risk.

Matthew will provide the benefit of the experience he has gained both as a fund manager for 12 years of his career, and recently as an adviser to wealth management firms. 


“Your notes were a great help

“Your notes were a great help and will form a useful aide memoire for future reference.”

“He presented in a measured

“He presented in a measured and clear manner that meant everyone was able to keep up and his dry sense of humour made the whole three hours very enjoyable as well as illuminating.”

“I honestly wish I’d done this years ago

“I honestly wish I’d done this years ago and highly recommend it to anyone who wants to understand what to do with their money.”

“He is a gifted teacher

“He is a gifted teacher and explains everything precisely and with great clarity.”

“The young were very impressed

“The young were very impressed with the course, found it instructive and interesting and have taken a renewed (and informed) interest in their investments.”

“Extremely valuable knowledge

“Extremely valuable knowledge for confidently exploring investment options.”