Finance Map for Individuals

FINANCE MAP is a unique service which explains the world of finance to students and others seeking internships or jobs within financial firms. It has already proved invaluable to many wishing to secure employment in the sector.

It is a one-on-one tutorial with Matthew Craston lasting two-and-a-half hours. At the end of the session students will have a clearer grasp of how the sector works and in which role they will be best suited. The price of the tutorial includes phone conversations prior to actual interviews.

Based on his 30 years of experience in this market, Matthew has created his finance map, which he uses to describe the activities of all the key participants, especially banks and fund managers. He has also produced explanations of all the most important financial topics – shown in the illustration.

Finance Map tutorials have also been used by professionals in other fields simply wanting to learn more about finance, for example to run their own businesses, or to understand and manage their investments.


You’ll be pleased to hear

“You’ll be pleased to hear that the lessons you gave me were INVALUABLE!”

Everything I learned with you has been

“Everything I learned with you has been such an enormous help and certainly helped on my way to getting this job.”

I had my meeting with Cazenove

“I had my meeting with Cazenove last Friday and it was such a joy to really understand what they were talking about.”

Thank you so much for last Friday, it was unbelievably helpful

“Thank you so much for last Friday, it was unbelievably helpful. I felt I learnt more about finance in that 2.5 hours than I had anytime previously.”

Good news. Morgan Stanley want me

“Good news. Morgan Stanley want me!”

I just got offered the job!

“I just got offered the job! Thank you SO much for everything – I am SO SO pleased.”

All the other interns around me

“…all the other interns around me were looking baffled and terrified by all the jargon being used, but not me!”

Durham University graduate and financial journalist

“His approach is patient and clear-sighted and provides a solid, logical basis for understanding even the most technical financial concepts. He gave me the confidence to secure my first job as a financial journalist, and what he taught me has continued to be relevant and helpful as I’ve progressed in my career.”

Edinburgh University graduate and asset manager

“The tutorial was easy to understand, yet provided a comprehensive foundation to build upon. I received a job offer during my internship, and I’m certain that the confidence I gained from my tutorial and Matthew’s continued support helped.

Durham University graduate and investment banker

“He provided me with concise and detailed explanations of the complex linkages within the finance world, without which I would not have been successful in my Deutsche Bank application. Furthermore, I valued the contact after the tutorial as I could follow up on any last-minute queries I had.”

Qualified chartered accountant

“Having done an Economics degree and qualified as a chartered accountant there was still so much about the world of finance that I hadn’t fully understood.”

UCL graduate, Imperial MSC finance and investment banker

“Matthew’s expertise helped me to obtain my offer, and I would recommend the tutorial to anyone interested in a career in finance.”

St Andrews University graduate and asset manager

“After seeing Matthew, I decided to focus on investment management firms, and three months later I secured a position on Ruffer’s training programme.”

Asset manager after 20 years in media & communications role

“The course was vital in enabling me to talk about distressed debt and hedge funds in my final interview – topics I would otherwise have had no knowledge of beyond their titles.”

30-year owner of interior design business

“His tutorial opened the door to a fascinating world and I felt I had grasped most of the concepts discussed, even holding a sensible conversation when I next spoke with my financial adviser.”

Ex-Army businessman

“Having left the Army last year after 13 years, this course was absolutely perfect.”