February news – Launch of Leveraged Finance class

FEBRUARY NEWS – LAUNCH OF LEVERAGED FINANCE CLASS My new Leveraged Finance class was piloted with one of my law firm clients in December, and I am now offering it more widely. It is a much more specialised than my other classes, covering my precise area of...

February news – Investing Unravelled on the website

FEBRUARY NEWS – INVESTING UNRAVELLED ON THE WEBSITE The new Investing Unravelled class is now described on my website. So many people have wanted for years to change the way they manage their investments, and some of them have finally decided that it’s...

February news – US lawyers in US offices

FEBRUARY NEWS – US LAWYERS IN US OFFICES Having taught the Asian offices of this large law firm in 2020, I have now taught two large classes to their US lawyers. This proved once again that Finance Map is a training for audiences all over the world.

“He presented in a measured

“He presented in a measured and clear manner that meant everyone was able to keep up and his dry sense of humour made the whole three hours very enjoyable as well as illuminating.”